We threw a big challenge at Justin: Make-over our entire garden in 5 days for a shoot for national TV show ‘Better Homes & Garden’. I’m happy to say that Justin and his team not only made the deadline, but exceeded expectations.

I emailed pictures of the existing gardens on a large 970sqm suburban block, and the following day he turned up with a planting and landscape design. The quote exceeded our budget, but Justin was flexible and made modifications to cut costs, yet still allow us to achieve the desired outcome of a formal garden.

The work went smoothly and Justin and the team were so easy to work with, even making adjustments on the run.

Justin demonstrated creativity and a great knowledge of plants, garden and landscape structures.

We have received positive feedback about our garden and believe it has enhanced the value of our property. I have no hesitation in recommending Queensland Fence & Landscapes to anyone needing a landscaper who can also design a garden layout.


Bill McDonald