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As experts in retaining wall construction QFL offer expert retaining wall installations and advise.

Retaining walls that are not properly planned, designed and constructed by a licensed contractor can be a costly and major problem.

The QBCC stipulates that a licence is required to carry out or undertake to carry out the construction, erection, renovation, alteration, extension, improvement or repair of a retaining wall if the value of the work exceeds $3,300 (including the cost of materials).

Retaining wall design might seem simple to some, but there’s much more to a retaining walls than many people realise.

And without the expert knowledge and experience of a licensed landscaping outfit it can be a major and expensive mistake.

Failures caused by inadequate and shoddy construction can lead to costly damage to you property, or even cause serious injury and death.

So it is important that a retaining wall is designed and constructed by an appropriately licensed retaining wall builder.

Choosing the right retaining wall

  • Gravity Walls
  • Anchored System
  • Hybrid System
  • Cantilevered Walls
  • Counterfort Walls
  • Panel Wall
  • Piled / Sheet Piled


Choosing the right material for your retaining wall

  • Poured Concrete
  • Concrete Block
  • Block / Brick
  • Timber Sleepers
  • Dry Stone / Boulder

When hiring a contractor to build a retaining wall, you want to know that they are experienced retaining wall construction experts.

Ask yourself these questions

  • Do you need an engineer?
  • Do you require a building permit from the Gold Coast Council?
  • Is my contractor licensed and insured?

A retaining wall can be labour intensive and take up a large portion of your budget. So getting it right the first time is of utmost importance.

At Qld Fence & Landscaping we specialise in all of these hardscaping and structural landscaping services, so call us today to get more information on your next project.





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