When investing in your home with a well designed and executed garden design, hardscapes and structural landscaping are fundamental in enhancing the beauty of your property.

So the hard landscaping elements of any good design lay the foundation for the success of any landscaped garden.

Some of the structural landscaping services that make up these hard landscaping elements are:-

  • Form Concreting
  • Concrete Walls and Pathways
  • Retaining Walls
  • Swimming Pools and Poolscapes
  • Stairways
  • Structures – Gazebos, Entertaining Areas
  • Fencing and Masonry
  • Rock Works

Each of these elements may not only be for aesthetics, but may also have an important function in the overall design of your garden.

Effective water reticulation for drainage, pathways for high traffic areas, terraces and retaining walls for resisting the lateral pressure of the surrounding lay of the land.

It is important that your work is carried out by a landscape design outfit that specialise in each one of these different hardscape elements.

It can be labour intensive and take up a large portion of your budget. So getting it right the first time is of utmost importance.

At Qld Fence & Landscaping we specialise in all of these hardscaping and structural landscaping services, so call us today to get more information on your next project.